Saturday, July 30, 2011

whistles and tires pen,

There's a doc on netflix about whistling. I loved it. There's something profound about it. I wish i whistled better and that i had a relative to show me how. And according to my dads app my whistle is 90 decibels which is apparently as loud as a lawn mower. I would say more but that thought was days old. So is this one: lolly needs new tires. Maybe another few thousand miles. Maybe some $700+. Also and you already know, Cath cancelled on me for SofM. No words really. Not really shocked either. Just a slow but whiny deflating loss of air. That's what i get for buying something I can't afford anyway, walking the 1/2 mile up hill and waiting for an hour until the boxoffice opened. She says though that one day when we are in a jungle together she will let me jump first on whatever deathdefying thing we're doing and give me the last glutenfree fig newton. You know I will hold her to it.

Besides that I wake up every morning - the last 4? days- and my soul seems to be rejoicing. I wake up with a praise song on my lips about "you have redeemed my soul from death", "'praise to the king of kings", etc. It just slips in there and that's what i'm mumbling as i make breakfast. My self feels otherwise- more resentful of impending money crisis, but excited by friends sending her job links. My goal is to apply this weekend. But my soul is all fa la la ... i was going to find a quote about the condition in this book by teresa of avila but i can't find it and then i would never blog about it.

Anyway, the rest of the day is uncertain. The reading, the making of things... the daniel fast i might start... not from bruckner obviously but the biblically based one. Contemplating keeping yogurt and eggs and then the next week cutting those out... i ponder. Or should i just go fulltilt ?hummm. It's crazy to contemplate such a thing anyway. But there it is... I guess i can start blogging about it. . . pre day 2, assailed by doubt.



somebody's mom said...

Its really good that you don't have the same motivation Daniel had.

Grr for you. Can you return those SofM tickets?

bruckner said...


A slap in the face indeed!

Don't mind my agitation, as I'm currently stricken with envy. You wake up to your soul rejoicing? Why don't you really rub in it and tell us all how you've found personal fulfillment in the midst of this insufferable waste land where love is a lie and the fate of man is parceled out by chance.