Wednesday, July 6, 2011

oh hello, nature

M-zy. I still have to post about the vacay, especially the caverns. I haven’t yet touched those pictures. All in due time. But some pictures from today. The sunflowers are unfurling, while simultaneously acting as little bee factories. Which is sort of freaky, unexpected, yet awesome? Because we all know how important the little bees are. The better, more bee-covered pictures are trapped on my camera, but maybe I’ll get a better capture tomorrow morning.



And a katydid! I’ve never seen one before. Approximate size of this one, hanging out near the eaves at the front of  house – maybe 2 1/2 inches or so? Not including legs and those crazy-ass antennae. Hello, katydid. You’re looking quite leafy today.


I’m supposed to go make some pad thai now.

bye -



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somebody's mom said...

Absolutely love the photo of the sunflower that is just starting to open. Peek a boo comes to mind.