Monday, May 16, 2011

this is what I’m talking about -


Absolutely repulsive.

Particularly when they are, shall we say…well-fed. Picture a gray jelly bean. With 8 tiny hair-like legs that continue to move even though the rest of its body is basically a blood bladder. And what I suppose could be called a face, even though its really just a proboscis that exudes pure evil.

But one fell on the floor (from who? we check the dogs constantly). And I couldn’t not take a closer look.


Also, there’s a really sick picture here. In case mine don’t do justice.



almost anonymous said...


mendacious said...

oh fuck that thing is way more gigantic than i imagined. UGH! ooooh WHAT!? BLECK!

(i did like the subsequent butterfly palette cleanser. and hilarious pic of you examining said pic. excellent touches)

erin j said...

um, i may never set foot in your town. ever. sorry. i have a tick phobia. how on earth are there so many there? do you have a lot of deer? it's insane. gross.

pen said...

I sort of don't blame you? Luckily they never get a chance to get that big on us humans, as we're pretty vigilant. Knock on wood.

Yes, lots of deer. And the woods are just right there, and the dogs go there, and carry them in...

K.Lo and I did burn the thing afterward, which was rather satisfying.

somebody's mom said...

so much worse than earwigs in your strawberries. You are very brave.

ashley said...

That is ridiculous. And you know, I'm rather well-versed in bugs, but that creeps me the eff out.

Andria said...

i am appropriately repulsed.