Friday, May 6, 2011

no words really -

Just, my new tags. My license. I got them finally. There was obviously a reason I waited well past the limits of legality. Two children. A portal to Hell itself. Who wants to go there.

It only took 3 trips, 2 separate days, 2 separate DMVs on opposite ends of the earth, 2 horrible mug shots, a McDonald’s bribe and every scrap of patience in my possession to acquire said tags and license in their correct form. And I might have snapped at one point and nearly strangled the children. It’s entirely possible. It was DMV Trip Number 3.

Whatever. Check that shiz off the moving list. CHECK!



almost anonymous said...

Again, awesome photo evidence of rage :)

Fortunately for me, I can do the plate stuff at AAA. So far I've only had one 3-hour wait for the original license/residence switch, although eventually they'll probably make me update the picture instead of just mailing me a new one.

pen said...

I *was* pleasantly surprised there were no tests. NC was a bit more demanding about that, whereas VA is a stickler for original, not-photocopied documents. And arguing for several painful minutes in the corner over their own clerical errors.

The DMV always makes me think of Reaper, and their absolute genius in making it the dropoff center. Gladys!

mendacious said...

as i said. photo made my day.
not your suffering but the sheer, encapsulation of IT. all of it.

pen said...

If only I had photoshop to make glowing red eyes.

almost anonymous said...

Send it to me and I can give you red eyes and demon horns ;) Then you and Gladys definitely can go get a drink together. (Although she'd probably want bat blood or something.)

pen said...

Bat blood - mwah.

ashley said...

I think that it's always a more intense and perhaps more admired thing when peaceful beings such as yourself end up with murderous rage photos such as that.