Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As a testament to the darkness that has recently enveloped us I will point out April was our lowest blogging month in the history of our 6+ years blogging together. There was that one January where I thought taking a break would be a good idea and it only bred apathy but this 8 posts in April is just completely different. And one was recapping March and another was a prayer pleading for joy. Pretty bleak needless to say. Recently I got a letter from a concerned reader, which we will in the next week or so take on in a series of editorials about our current state of the blognation of mendacious and penelope. I do not know if I can promise to reveal and unfold everything but we'll do our best. I mean we only have a few readers anyway and its best not to alienate them.

In the meantime I have enjoyed the letters even if from time to time they are lost at sea or found months later clutched in the dead hands of some postal carrier in the desert. I dont know what he was doing there anyway.

I would say more but given our state this seems quite a lot, so why push it eh? The usual going to shower, go to pasadena, try not to complain about the lack of digestive enzymes in my bowels still applies for the day to day operations of me. Oh and I finished quilting phase1.

Chat you later.


pen said...

uh-oh. yipes! what happened? is messenger to blame? i bet it is partly. but you're so right, we must not alienate our 2 readers.

almost anonymous said...

Your adherence to capital letters and punctuation is totally throwing me off as to who is posting :)

Daniel Bruckner said...

By all means, don't push it. This is the sort of thing you return to gradually. You need to build up stamina...and your bowel health.

mendacious said...

bowel health is more important than most people realize.