Tuesday, May 24, 2011

for your amusement only -

Because I know you’re just suffering at the moment. With your shingles. Have you tried cold compresses? Ibuprofen? Weeping silent tears?

Anyway. I’m growing out my hair – part rebellion, part fear re: new town and new hairdresser situation. Can’t go there yet. So sometimes I like to pin it up. Usually when it’s hot. Which it is, all this week. Hot and stormy.

I also saw some lightning in the sunset-sky. And heard some super-loud, house-rattling thunder that nearly gave Bailey a panic attack. Actually, it really might have been a panic attack. She’s not as young as she used to be.

Here’s my pinned up hair. And the incorrigible but fabulous K.Lo. And oh, since I’m sitting at my desk – let’s have a look at your birthday present!



I found him. Jesus, I mean.

One of these days I’ll get to the post office and you shall have him.

Here’s the dusky sky. Sadly, not the best lightning of the evening, but I did capture a bit of it nonetheless.


And now I’m going to bed.






mendacious said...

wasn't jesus suppose to be my christmas present? i mean not that i'm keeping track or anything but ahem ahem.

also i love the pinned hair and brown shirt! and the off in the air lightening and of course the ever present dwig't. ;)

this momentarily distracts from what are now becoming quite rotund blisters on my back and i did mutter "jesus have mercy on my a sinner" everytime i woke up in surges of pain. i hope they are almost over.

pen said...

i mean technically this could be your 34th birthday present. or christmas 2009. it's difficult to say...

almost anonymous said...

Cute hair! The finding Jesus line cracked me up.

Nice lightning capture. It's tough to get it without technical work of tripod, shutter speed, etc., I think. (At least as far as getting a good lightning picture, and that one's cool with the lightning and the sunset sky.) So good job with the fast trigger finger.

somebody's mom said...

The Jesus figurine is delightful.

M is totally cranky because she didn't do anything to deserve this ailment and well she is in pain and her skin is totally gross. And she is mumbling and irritated that I don't know what she is saying. Geez. I'm having flash backs to her early childhood.

Ice packs do seem to be a little soothing, as does Advil.

pen said...

flashbacks. mwah. :)