Sunday, May 8, 2011

I can’t complain -

My natural inclination toward a holiday like Mother’s Day is just – no. Don’t give me presents and look at me. It’s nearly as bad as my birthday. I mean, not that moms shouldn’t be celebrated, because they really, really should. It’s the hardest job there is, and you don’t even get paid. And I do know quite a range of amazing mothers, including both mine and yours. But I reject anything faked or forced, as you know, and often take serious issue with societal conventions. I’m cursed with always seeing the shadows. Anyway – all that aside, today was a good day.

I had an omelet with sliced tomato on top. I was showered with flowers to plant in the ground. Three different sorts, and they are all relatively low-maintenance and attractive to butterflies. My card made me laugh. I watched a movie I hadn’t seen before on the Wiiflix that didn’t inspire much, if any, new cynicism. I walked and hiked and got a little lost in the green, green woods for a whole hour by myself. And ordered entirely too much food by mistake at the Mexican restaurant, but what I ate (chicken-tortilla soup with rice and avocado!) was good and the rest I took home. And it was all half-price bcs of the mom thing.

Success. I’ll take those lovely moments and put them in my pocket and bring them out to reminisce over on a rainy day.

Here’s some pictures from today and also one of Bender yesterday.

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almost anonymous said...

Love the photos!

mendacious said...


ashley said...

I would get lost in the green, too.

somebody's mom said...

Ah, to be loved. To be fussed over a bit, but not too much.

Love the photos too!