Wednesday, June 20, 2012

well exactly because,

I am an empath after all, so I was clearly suppressing emotion along with you.

Is it really $2000 to go home? Will it make homesickness better or worse, is my perhaps moot question. Does K have Craigslist? Perhaps you could find a suitable cat owner in this way. Let petfinder, international style, or something. Oh poor kitty, and poor you. I am assured a solution will present itself however, as ever. Sending up kitty prayers.

We’re watching Emily of New Moon, which I feel you would find delightful. Anne of Green Gables author. Put it on your someday list, either the books or the movies or both.

No one tantrummed at bible school today, miraculously. And also, um… rummaging through the misadventures archives, I found THIS POST. Just take a minute to skim.

Now. Somehow, in a most bizarre twist of blog/life-fate, it turns out that I now live in the same town as the aforementioned weirdo reality star? Which I’ve known for awhile. But today I discovered that the aforementioned weirdo reality star’s child is in N.Lo’s group at bible school. What. The what.

Understandably, it’s not that big of a deal, but at the same time, if you brought out your crystal ball 4+ years ago when I drafted that post and forecasted where we are today, I would have been befuddled. To say the least.

So anyway. What else. Oh, I found fabric today for living room pillowcovers – gorg, gorg, a warm cinnamon color, and soft, and sort of wrinkly-textured for a little interest. And $2 a yard! So I’ll be sewing again soon, and maybe I’ll even take pictures thistime. Nothing I’ve sewn so far has been particularly photogenic. 

I love that you have a basket. And that lunch picture! Is the most brilliant capture ever. Hmm photo requests, besides more you? I feel like more of school, like some wider shots so I can fully imagine the environ. And an outside shot. And also pics on your walk to school that you keep promising. And the hole in the wall coffee shop. And the Starbucks. Annnnnd….


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