Tuesday, June 19, 2012

good your morning/my evening,

I was sipping cake-flavored vodka but then kicked the glass over, so that’s no more. Not tipsy, just my usual klutzy. And I just watched up 2 of B-nheads, which, I mean. Is like Amy-S-P on an acid trip. Character-wise, and dialogue-wise, and setting-wise: I will follow where she leads. But plot-wise? I seriously do not get it. Gilmore was so grounded in reality, and this show is like a writing exercise. Let’s see how creative we can be, wee! No no. Just stick with what you know please. And thank you.

But I’m still watching. And after blowing through Season 1 of Switched at Birth, discovered a treasure trove on Netflix in the form of Dance Ac@demy, which looks like the Aussie TV take on Center Stage, beloved teen ballet movie of yore. And like five other shows between N-Flix and the ABC Fam channel, all enticing me. Is this what life has come to? Or is it where I’ve always been. I’m kind of jazzed about it, really, as it’s been forever since I’ve been excited to watch an-y-thing over the summer.

And did N-flix always have a Korean category? Because they do now.

Am so glad you liked Pillars, and so now you have to read the prequel, or the sequel, or whatever it is. Not *quite* as good, but almost. Pillars will always have my heart.

And the summer is steamrolling on, although I feel like I may be hitting a wall this week, due to someone’s unfortunate tantrum-throwing at Vacation Bible School (and it’s not even K.Lo, this time). And the heat. The soupy air. When it’s not even tolerable to visit the mailbox, I’m so over it.

However, the new tomatoes/cucumbers/corn are planted and mulched and growing. They at least appreciate the soup.

I’m not sure I’ve said anything of substance, but it’s bedtime already. But I hope this was more than a soundbite, at least a little bit. I’m really becoming allergic to those things.

Yours always,


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