Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Rainy Season,

The weather flipped a switch on Saturday and apparently its all rainboots and umbrellas. I think i'm just going to roll up my pants and wear my flipflops. So what have you been up to? It's been a long time since your last letter. Though i know what with the uprisings, city riots and seiges you arefacing resistance in getting mail out of the settlement. But I still wait and hope.

I have news- My ward the cat was complained about and the landlords called sg and her husband and he forgot ? to say something until they called again? and then sg became righteously indignent and exasperated and offended and all the things that include the high drama of betrayal hands to chest, wide eyes. How could I! And thats OUR place! And if you'd asked we wouldve told you!! and and and...  I Just looked at her dubiously as she accused me of keeping my ward secret, and I shrugged my shoulders and said I rescued her and had been trying to find her a home and then get her spayed and time passed. I felt all the heaping of emotional unhingement as i sat there taking it all in. She came back again explaining she didnt want me to be upset, and that obviously the first talk didn't go well since she said i had to get rid of IT- but she didn't really let me get a word in besides "well I mostly find..." and i just nodded and was like hmm ok. The energy coursing through me was a string of explatives but mostly- of the what am i going to do with the cat. Which is exactly what I've been wondering since she meowed at me months back. But it was at a 10. I found most offensive the fact she chose to tell me on a monday morning before 2 hours of lesson planning and a full day. When she couldve emailed me over the weekend. Or asked my flatmate to call me. I just sighed and tried to calm down. Get online. 1/2ass my lesson plans and email a girl I know who has a cat on the island to watch my ward until I figure things out.

I suppose short of paying her to keep the cat until I leave in Feb... I mean that's best case scenario. Besides flying home over the summer break which is fairly tempting also. Or finding someone to adopt her. Let's just pray that my friend will be able to keep her and that the ward gets along with the lady of the house- stella. a massive blackcat of awesome. Otherwise it all just seems more of a pain in the ass then it already was will be or wahtever it is. I mean I try to be annoyed at sg but really it's all just part of the problem isnt' it. It just is. It's one more thing. And then the minute I start i'm like please, you can't be bothered about it. It's just not worth it. Since I've got to spend more of my emotional energy on the kids, on hoping they dont get sick of the ward... etc.

Anyway deep breathing and meditating commencing. Now. Some tea mayhaps. It's all just a bother. Besides that I mended some pants by taking the back pocket backpart out and attaching it to the tear. I finished PillarsoftheEarth and I enjoyed it. It ended on a goodnote of life going on- though i wish they couldve drawn it out just a bit more. Butwhatever it was mainly because my ipod powered down right at the last 5 minutes but i wasn't sure if it was or not. Then i went to listen to it on the way to work and my ipod froze bcs i rushed it and the file was too big. Anyway-Now i'm on to discovery of witches. Which is pretty-good so far.   

What else. . . it's only Tuesday. Everyone at work seems to hate being there. And it's not just i suppose that its at sg's but that they're all collectively groaning over wanting to do and be and go otherly- Y was like, i find tues and wed the most difficult. I can't decide if it would be annoying or inpsiring if someone there actually enjoyed working there and didn't just merely tolerate it.

Besides the weekend was spent in a haze. i felt mildly poisoned on sunday and overspent the minute i tried the word budget- i think the trick is to not say the word... ok i suppose that's it. I've just become a clockwatcher- and i hate that- how long before work, how long until classes, how long until bed, rinse repeat...

From the saltmines,

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somebody's mom said...

I am just reading this today, because I was off the grid at H and don't have you in my favorites at E and clearly, I'm not smart enough to ask for the easy address because you will wonder that I don't know it after all these years... but it 's in my fav's and I can just click and I'm there. Sigh. So exhausting.