Wednesday, June 20, 2012


you sort of made up for your vodka induced, frothy but lovely post- by this Postscript since admittedly i don't know how that wasn't the first thing out of your mouth. i can only imagine you were so horrified by the turns of events and all the anxiety that surrounds it that you empathized with me so much about why this cat continues to be a source of wide eyed confoundedness, that you were calmly supressing it as i do or try when i can... though i have no tolerance of the other m's going on about massively swelling reactions to mozzie bites and her new charming bedsheets... i simply can't though i understand she needs to relate it.

i do however, appreciate the all important fact that netflix added a korean category- i can say no they probably didnt and i think it's awesome. (heart warming mayhaps)

i broke my pinkie nail madly searching and organizing papers for students and its throwing my typing game. i should say in preface to the welling and surging anxiety within me that i spent the evening with two lovely women P and M... oddly. now that i see their initials there. we had the last of my corn pasta with chicken/a spicey italian sauce with eggplant/redpeppers and a blueberry/pineapple smoothie/ followed by tea/ followed by soju on the beach as the tide was high and the random shipping boats were blarring their lights. this morning P saw me having a moment on the beach- which i recall exactly in me trying to be calm, or maybe actually being calm before the hammering in my body began again.

everyone here is calm and reassuring about the ward situation. equally perplexed when i tell them the scenarios...but sure that it'll work out. currently she's at a church friends apt who has a cat, but her husband doesnt like cats and even more mine who is coming out of heat- i swear this should be her next to last- i thought because of summer. that's what the internet tells me. it has me contemplating coming home for a week because the mental churning and perplexing thought of how and when to get her spayed, to find her a home is headache inducing. as it is, unless k and her husband have a change of heart-- i'm pretty sure i'm pushing it by having the cat there as long as saturday... i have to find my way to a friend of a friend of a coworkers house who agreed to take the cat for a month or two-- she's a hairdresser. the taxis are all on strike but somehow on saturday i've got to find my way to her. and get cat food and finally buy a litter box and ask k if i can borrow the cat carrier. this alone is enough to have me going why not spend $2000 to visit LA and drop the cat off. the mental stress alone. and a good excuse to assuage my homesickness. which hasn't really abated annoyingly.

anyway since i finally got my micro chip thing i will give you a brief look at work. at long last.
and try not to talk about the cat and how its freaking me out and how seriously- i mean sg- i mean REALLY and the "tenant"-- who! sigh. deep breath. ok it's almost my bedtime (past) but here:

this was my halfass lesson plan on monday:

this photo despite my surly depressed self made me gafaw. it captures the daily attitude of the lunch time so SO SO well. i mean really. it looks posed but isn't. that's just how IT IS.

 i'm not having it. neither should you. this is one of my new tops too but the whole thing just really captures the 20 minute break suckitude. and monday. and everyTHING.
 joon-hyun is one of my fav fave students. such a sweet spirit- the rest are the lord of the flies class- i want them to be ministers of peace and yet i'm sure they'd kill tiny kittens for sport.
 my make shift desk which i have to abicate for the classes of 12 of which this class is one.
 i have a basket... yes.
 here is my desk of postcards, a prayer of abandonment, etc, etc.
 all our resource material and the other M walking as a whirl blur that she is. aw my my flatmate.
 yep. just my daily gut check in the elevator.

any other pic requests ? let me know. ok really. so late .

xo, m.

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