Wednesday, June 13, 2012


left work pretty quick. it's almost like, if there were a fire what would you take scenario. and i 1/2 the time am always looking for a taxi as a game maybe so i can get thefuckhomeasfastasfuckingpossible. obviously. i did just budget for the month sort of. and really money for taxis and during the week purchases is pretty nil. and yet. i come home to ridiculously low energy bills- at least these next 3 until july and august bring me back down to my knees. but i digress. i manage to walk down the hill which my flatmate sarcastically says, "the slope" you mean. and in my head i'm all goFyourself. but i dont have any patience after work and that was another day. anyway i just missed the early bus. he barely stopped and then wouldn't even look my way. so annoying. and another bus driver was like come on we can catch him with a gesture but i was so pouty i was like ach NO. be on your way 26. and i caught a taxi. and we caught the 100 bus. it only cost me $1.50 more but still. I came back to the family mart oppa telling me a swallow had just shat on his head, to which i looked up on the wire and there the offending bird was. Pretty< Ithought. I said<goodluck! But i couldn't be sure it was translating as i felt the exchange was probably too complex for us to broach. As it includes fate, timing, synchronicity, irony, a certain sense of insult, and chagrin, ... what else?

anyway i left him, picked a hyranga that is gorgeously blooming near my twitchy finger tips and went up. for the cat- again- to go crazy with the smell of something? and yet be absolutely uninterested in anything i offer. after that i saw my $10. (epically low) bill. stabbed at a frozen beverage until it was like eating a snowcone and finished a miss marple mystery. i was going to watch bun/heads but im writing to you instead. (saint!)

besides that i avoided a meltdown- seriously i was i dont know- in denial or? but my computer was like "shut me down immediately or else" why!? "oh because i sensed my cooling system is malfunctioning!" well- whatever! thank god my phone is all wi-fi-ish so i checked my email because i had to wake up first except there was like barely anything in there, along with toshiba-overheating blah blah-. AND i was rewarded by getting a seriously righteous gift basket from cath with new shirts. seriously dont' deserve you guys. (family mart was holding it hostage.) they pointed to the shelf it was on and was like- for days! blah blah! i mean i swear i go in more often than that but whatever. eeee! packages! and then horror- no compressed air.

i took my mighty lungs and did some uh blowin' and thank god after a bit it worked.
ok you're online i see.
i will chat you there.
though still- a letter WOULD BE NICE. (Hint HINT).

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