Friday, October 8, 2010


hello friend,

i wrote to someone the other day that, hiho! the seas are rough! and closed the email with "batten down the hatches": which means :To prepare for an imminent disaster. in my research of the word it does suggest hardship, danger or a storm. And while one is busy hoisitng and lashing sails in the roiling sea one cannot get hit by flinging doors, or if while running across the deck to secure the mainsail one shouldn't fall down into the cargo holds. So battening hatches is important. as i place myself upon this tormented body of water I imagine me doing my job, focused and determined, and being on course, but i'm wet and i'm exhausted and i really would like it if the ship would come upon the calm sooner than later and that day would break through the clouds in glorious light. but currently it is the dark of night and the wind is howling, and the spray of water stings. fear wishes to grip me with all the possibilities of drowning and demise, but there is no time to dwell -the chill breath upon my neck... all of this inwardly. obviously. my other soul self in the journey- when she went up into the tree on the side of the cliff of stairs and refused to come down, and is there warm and contented eating fruit, i should've known it was for a reason. my other self the spirit has been wounded in the foot in some way but she's high up in golden white and pink tones, a plucky and determined sort, so she's going to be fine. i couldn't even tell you why my person is upon high seas. there is no particular reason as yet known. and there is some defeated old man roaring like lear on deck and i wonder if like prospero he caused the storm- defiant and trying to run me aground. it won't work. but i can only wonder where i'm going to end up as a result.

in other news today is the last day of work like the last day of school. i packed a lunch and am still going to buy tea and chips. also dune is getting all sorts of crazy! i'm sort of absolutely bummed that i won't finish it before i get to seattle. i'm about 1/2way through. i have the weekend to get a little further but then... i may have to wait another 2 wks to get it all. as i still haven't solved the ipodproblem. i'm going to take it in today. scratch that. saturday. oh and my internet is out at my house. there was a weird power blip on thurs night and its been all beeping and x's and redflashing lights. anyway the rest is noise, and itinerary charts.

my love,m.


Daniel Bruckner said...

Interesting how dramatic and tumultuous this post begins, only to peeter out on the mundane. You set us up for a grand finish, as though your written words had illuminated your friend and saved them from doom, only to end up on ipod trouble and intermittent internet.

Ah, such is the state of the world!

mendacious said...

as i said, inward AND we are midstorm...there is no end as yet. in such times it is always the way the flutter of a sail defines us or how when listing heaving the absence of the moon against the water becomes the mark of memory.

pen said...

i need to know more about dune.

~sarah said...

i read dune once. i liked it. it made me want to eat cinnamon sugar toast all the time. i am pondering watching the movie on netflix streaming, but it's really long. and what if it's bad?