Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the internet connection is spotty as its shooting through wall upon wall to wall to something. blip it goes. i think this is the longest its held which is why i'm risking it. this AM i made breakfast, did laundry, the clanging of buttons and such ringing in my ears right now along with matts itune collection. i went for a walk in his backyard forest and those were a nest of sparkly you know whats. i just couldn't get any closer. i mean i sort of surprised them anyway. and that car in the garage seemed familiar to me. most likely from forks is all i'm saying. and now i'm waiting for matt who is late- by 40min to come get me so i can drive to olympia with him to do who knows what.

in the forest i got an image of me being helped on with a backpack with loads of pieces of wood, all with indecipherable writing and sent on a raft with a long paddle to guide me. i look back not particularly confident and yet there i go. i checked back with the image later and there was a big barrel of little red fruit plum things. which couldn't be budged if i tried. so i sat on the rim of it instead....

so matts here so any other forest revelations will have to wait, except i'm finding little bits of things to add to shadow boxes when i do those again one day... also i just ate a pickle...

my love,

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