Sunday, October 10, 2010


My Spider Lilies in the Yard plan was foiled, not only because there has been zero interest in our awesome house (pray! more!), but because my children are sweet and picked them for me at every turn. Which I really can’t complain about. So now they’re decorating my windowsill instead of the outdoors.


Also, to prove just how awesome our house is, look: A mini pumpkin patch, right by the front porch. Borne from my own laziness last year’s rotted pumpkin. I knew it would happen sooner or later. Probably it won’t develop into anything once it gets cold, but still. It’s magical.


The yard sale this weekend was an insane amount of work, but I ultimately made $300? So I feel like it was all worthwhile. You never get the crew you expect – like this time, people actually bought some tchotchkes and framed prints and the rickety swivel chair – which was purchased by a guy who argued he was rickety, not the chair. And then all the bigger kids’ items, such as the high chair and the baby swing – no one showed up for those. Even though things like that always sell. So this week it will be craigslist city and the rest will go to the rescue mission.

With a few of the proceeds, I *might* (yes) be purchasing a long-desired, long-overdue pair of boots. Which are hot. I hope I don’t break my neck.


Also, as you know, my highly awesome sunglasses tragically broke on Friday evening. We went out to celebrate with J.Lo’s work crew re: His Last Day (gasp! sob.), and I dumbly put them in my purse and piled the purse in the corner of our booth, which obviously doubled as playground equipment. They were irreparable. And it’s sad, because though the cost was negligible, after summer season passes, one just does not have the selection. And I loved these, not only for their dramatic size but because they were a bit rounded on the sides and didn’t look too big for my head. Which is how most of the giant sunglasses translate. So I settled on these, whose sparkle makes up for their slight lack of dramatic size. Here I am, a little sad and wondering why no one’s even looked at the house yet, and how long will I be left on my own while J.Lo ventures on to the greener pasture.


See? Cool, but maybe not quite as cool as the Sunglasses of Summer Past. Or maybe I just need to smize.




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Somebody's mom said...

Beer in hand adds to the panash. If the sunglasses were a brand name you could totally find them on the internet. $300 sounds like a good return. Snazzy boots will certainly keep legs cozy and have you feeling very cool. How are other house sales in your area doing?