Friday, October 15, 2010

a letter from m to pen, written by pen to m

You’re sending me pictures from your journeys – which is a good thing, because I secretly don’t love your traveling. Not because I don’t want you to travel! Because I do. I love that you do. But because I miss you, oddly? It’s a strange phenomena, because we do not exactly live next door. But maybe I’m smarting extra more this time because @ashleyharp is also MIA? Traveling around the country, being fabulous and whatnot. So even though you’re never here, I also can’t bear when you’re not there. Or something like that.

5This picture was a massive improvement over the vampire killer kit. It shows that you really care. Because, in fact, I’m rereading Twilight at this very moment, which you introduced to me before it was even cool – because you have a beat on these things. And even though I think you thought it was a lot less cool once it became cool, it’s cool that you still honor my love for it. And I do love falling in love with Edward all over again. Call it badly written (it kind of is), but damn it is mesmerizing. Much more so than a lot I read in the land of MFAs. I’m just saying. And thank you to Cath of the purple sweatshirt jacket.

And here you all are! Friends. Cute and lovely.


Bathroom mirror shot – hello, you. I’m assuming you’re bored and waiting here? The only time I’ve taken a picture of a bathroom, it was extremely posh. The tiles are striking in this one. It’s a bit maddening actually, their being everywhere. Like a not-so-funhouse.


And a truck. I’m not sure what this one is all about, except that’s a pretty groovy truck and the photo composition does remind me of a painting I once saw?


And I totally love this one. Apple picking, still? Running through the trees with a slight blur. I can only assume she’s dashing off in pursuit of my sparkly vampires.


All right – I’m out, for now. Edward summons. He so wants me to sit by him in the cafeteria while I drink my lemonade. Keep sending photos, and I’ll continue to lament the lameness of your not having a proper Internets connection in this place. Our blog *blocked* in your nearest access point! It’s downright scandalous.




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Those bathroom tiles make me dizzy. I usually like that pattern, but it is clearly wrong to have it on all the walls and floor and reflected in the mirror. Love the photo series, as usual. Happy travels.