Thursday, October 21, 2010


the boys have gone to the market for dinner so i have time to type. i just gave myself bangs. we'll see if that was a mistake or not later. i started the day with an early swim and then i made it to the frye museum where i was actually disturbed by art. i could feel the creepy evil of it all- from the von keepler? (during the spiritist movement late 1800's) paintings which were mostly of seances, ecstatic moments, and mediums to some weird performance art shite called implied violence and it was literally implied and disturbing and gross and very unsettling. and 15minutes was too long to stay wandering any of the halls. though the permanent collection is restfulbliss . also in the gift shop i found Hildegaard of bensons selected writings for %50 off in a drawer. so i rescued her and then matt, his friend luke, and kyle got me to the Vietnam house, which was tasty. the boys tried tofu but clearly not nearly as good as my herb wrapped beef. lets be honest. we tapped that off with a trip to gasworks park and assembled matts pirate shaped kite and launched it to much acclaim. of course having exhausted ourselves we went to baskin robbins. good thing we're going on a hike tomorrow. also on the way out the door this AM i went to fred meyer and bought some fancy arch supporting socks and a banana and pineapple bits for post swimming... and ok, i may have bought 2 pairs of pants (which i then found totally on sale! lame) there as well earlier this week- cath and amber convinced me i should look there as my pants died on the day of the underground tour so i was indecent most of the day- so now i have some brown and grey cargo pants to bring home with me. which will forever be called the fredmeyer pants. but anyway- who knows what else the evening holds. maybe farkle. certainly not pro-run. so lame. but this heisted internet connection is totally a step in the right direction.

i hope you are not sinking into mires and that there is fresh air and sun sparkling moments to your day and that the tea et al went splendidly. the weather here continues charming despite what they say about a storm. but we'll see.

more anon,
xo, m .


pen said...

i feel like i'm sinking into mires a little. i don't know. could be tired. but i love your bangs. xo

Andria said...

don't sink, Penelope!

wait, I wanna see the bangs.