Wednesday, May 16, 2012

While you were rising,


I'm eating organic corn puffs and sitting on my fitball [i can't belive i just wrote that-times they are a'changing] (i can't possibly inflate it properly with the handpump however), which thus puts me in an ergonomic conundrum via my desk. I'll try to manage but you know the difficulty. But I'd like to sit somewhere else besides the floor and the bed. I'm a slave to options I admit it. But the weirdo cat, the ward, she just looks at me when i put tuna, canned dogfood or even deliciously cooked chicken in front of her- I've been out of catfood you see, and i forgot again you see to get the cheap stuff or take the time to get the good stuff... horrible cat owner i know. So she's barely eaten. Tomorrow I vow to try again. (These corn puffs need salt.) Also i can't believe i'm even sitting on this given the pratfall I took the other day while webcamming with your rather 'i hate webcams but i'll do this bcs you're needy' face. I hope twas entertaining at least- and sidenote this MF($*&Q(#*&a computer keeps stalling while i'm typing midsentence- stupid blogger. Driving me cr--- azy...

Anyway i think i have laryngitis and you know how I love webmd- and that's what it suggested. The yellow dust from china and then complications. That's all it took. I don't know what else it could be what with the two weeks of sorethroat, hoarse voice, hacking, no other symptoms showing, could be... it starts getting bad by my last two classes and then completely horrible by right about now.

Did you say something about rucheing?
I love that you even used the word.
Also deerflies? What?! You and your weird bugs. I myself don't know what left the series of 6 little bumps on my upper arm a few nights ago that are still there. Sidenote: Dry cornpuffs are not good for a sore already raw throat. Dammit.

I'm tempted to reduce the next two paragraphs to status commentary or worse yet emoticons- like klo story : thumbs up "like" and cupcakes " : ( "... that's horrible. Bcs the desk  position is becoming awkward. I can see how this might be good for postcards if i ever write more but not for mr.waffles.) I've since moved the fitball parallel to the bed...

As it is I hate that things like cupcakes can bring us to a place of hotmessness and goo, but i equally rejoice in the beauty of theological dilemmas in children- and for n.lo to have the answer i had on my lips at the ready on his. For instance I thank God i meditated this morning for once again as i walk in the door, sg is appalled by my "easy" grading which she might terms awful or non-existant- and is baffled why i would give half credit to a sentence that leaves out the word "is" insisting they won't learn anything.  ie. "What -- she looking for?" Granted grammer is a weak point with me but why is an entire sentence entirely wrong with only one element wrong? And then she further directly wonders if i'm teaching them anything at all. aka. are you going over the grammer? (direct quote) and make sure you look over the examples so you know what they need to write. Granted I find them sometimes confusing even to me so i can't imagine what kids do when they look at the random pictures... but there you have it. I'm retesting the class. She insists somehow that I shouldn't do that, so I don't waste the time of the kids who did it right and I'm like well you want them to be good and get it right- aka it won't kill them. So i sat there and nodded, and did what the character joanna did when she worked at the restaurant- so you want me to add more pieces of flare? Ok. Calm. Calm. And i literally forgot about the incident until I decided to rant about it just now. Nevermind that she was chewing out my class again before i got there about speaking in korean- which i get- they're rowdy hellions or how she has at least 3x watched my class before via the 'cam' and caught them slacking off, and then threatened in my hearing that if they keep speaking korean she'll sit in on my class... awesomesauce. Calm calm. Meanwhile in the meeting today that sucked away my lesson planning time she insisted the school and the teachers were doing well...

Anyway, I cabbed it home after grocery shopping, and made fried chicken for a vegetable curry i'm making tomorrow. Because that's how i roll now... it's from a bag though- don't think i'm completely reformed. As it is, I'm the topic now of ever increasing weight commentary- which mostly i guess? i'm ok with? Except they say things like "you're getting so pretty". Cough. "every day i see you". Thank you? Given their background (the k peeps- you can't take it personally but thankgod those issues are mostly behind me) My cousin said something also via chat today and i was like "yes i have" after ignoring his commentary once, and then refused to expound on it when he said, "it looks substantial" or something like that. Shhhh people. My pants from seattle also, this morning at the beach ripped up the back of the leg at the calf-- i stapled it back together but an internet order might be in my future. Look at all this stuff i'm going on about- what's come over me! I better go to bed. (probably the coffee icecream/shake and chicken i ate tonight).


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