Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On over,

i feel i'm failing to relate this whole K experience. somehow i was reminded of this when i noted my stapler was labeled peace. it's on the top part in a standard cursive script. non assuming and almost as if it was accidentally labeled something it didn't mean to be. i look at it and ponder the implications all the time along with a 'prayer of abandoment' j sent me. which is how it feels when i enter the cave that is work everyday anyway. as today i was asked to try and conserve the a/c... *sigh. "try" she says. what else? i turned my tiny inadequate breadboard into a laptop laptop? is that the word. i'm putting elastic into two skirts. for obvious reasons which really- ever in the history of pen and m blogland. and i bought 10 nickle sized wooden buttons while tracking down the elastic. and they are charming. not sure what other fixes there are out there for my other items- i just dont know if i can elastize everything--  the students noticed i wasn't wearing stockings the other day which is yet another you know, daring thing i do... i won't expose my shoulders if i must but the leg thing- i just don't know. most of my skirts are long enough it doesn't draw attention as curious students brush their fingers against my legs is a bit distracting and i think- did i shave! i have managed to impress them with my blue glitter on plum colored nail polish. oh and i still haven't kicked the laryngitis thing. which 3+wks going is clearly awesome. who doesn't love the hurting when swallowing by the end of the day. i did notice at least the hacking cough has stopped. so. plus.

oh and my ward is in heat- again- shocking. the 3 nights of interrupted sleep. yea! i didn't mean for the letter to take such a sardonic turn. i'm tired. i should probably watch something and stitch the elastic into my skirt.


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