Thursday, May 17, 2012

rest assured

Your pratfall greatly amused my webcam-reticent self. I mean your feet! Vertical! Like a cartoon character on a banana peel! I really can’t stop laughing about it. Mwah.

I have by now caught up on Amazing Race, which – yawn… Same with Survivor, yawn… I’m sure it will be the same with ANTM, which I can barely watch knowing that Nigel, Jay and Miss J have gotten the axe for next season. They make the show dude. Tyra. I guess only one sparkly host will continue on to judge America’s Next Top Model. Booooo. So Amazing Race – probably the best part was when A&J nearly won due to R&D’s clue-less debacle. And then didn’t because of the effing sled? What? Was the problem. And then of course Big Brother always transfixes/entertains/appalls. Although I get the sense R&D might be equally dysfunctional and don’t know how she puts up with his giant baby-ness.

My nerves feel all out of sorts and unsettled this week but whats-bothersome I don’t exactly know.

I’m making a cake for K.Lo’s grad celebration – another Lalaloopsy cake, as specifically requested by the soon-to-be-1st-grader. Except this time I made marshmallow fondant to cut out the shapes and whatnot and holy moly that stuff. Not easy to make really. Well maybe if you’re a more coordinated individual unlike myself. It’s just. so. sticky. Butter, lots of butter, I get it. But still. I mean I was nearly claustrophobic with the stickiness. In the words of N.Lo, it gave me the shivers.

Yesterday I was asked to join two church councils (boundaries!), and I rejected one and accepted one. Wait no, I wasn’t asked to join, I was asked to coordinate. Um. Which is different. It’s the new Children’s Council and is a platform for all the kids’ stuff, like GodlyPlay and children’s church and Wednesday nights, and artwork display and a new library. So, leadership? And also I’m dancing around a lot about making a new library.

Okay I’m still processing. You’ll have to help me.

Also K.Lo’s joined the Girls Who Sell Cookies, and between this and the other thing I do constantly marvel at my child who embraces group activities like it is second nature and I still struggle with it everyday. When I think about group stuff as a child, including my own time with the Girls Who Sell Cookies, I remember a feelings of inhibition and resistance and relief when it was allover. But some (most?) people actually look forward to social events? It’s a wonder.

Loved the pics of your Ohioan cave crawl and the ponderance of post-apocalyptic life. Also, do you remember my Chicago plight with the chair? And options and noplacetosit? Clearly this is why we’re friends. I understand this plight.

Whatelse whatelse. Today = garden weeding, pool de-scuzzing, perhaps some straightening and dusting? Or not… could be over the top… Grey’s tonight, which I suppose I have to stay up for lest all of Facebook/Twitterland kill the surprise of which doctor dies. And reading my book about the teen internship with beautiful people at a glitzy Chicago hotel where they also happen to buy and sell souls. WHAT.

And maybe terrify a squirrel or two.

And pop a valium.

anyway. love.



somebody's mom said...

a delightful post. Thank you.
Have you seen the articles that are floating around about "Quiet, Please: Unleashing 'The Power Of Introverts'"? I like people well enough and nothing like sitting and enjoying a glass of wine and hatting while watching a sun set or something. I don't seek out people and don't remember picking anyone to be my friend, only that I have friends that shall we say picked me?

almost anonymous said...

All in all, I enjoyed the Camp Fire stuff. Once a week meetings weren't so bad. But I abhorred selling candy.

Are we friends because we don't have to hang out? ;)