Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are You Up Yet?

translation of FB status: can't stay away from taking cabs and the lyrical flow of where and how to go-- it's the annyeonghaseyo, samyang- haesuyokjang, kah?seyo. aka. peace be with you (hello), take me to samyang beach, please. korean is really lyrical. i'm not kidding. ahn-young-ha-say-o, sahm-yahng, ha-sue-yoke-jahng-karh-say-o. plus everything ends in o's and e's and a's and what not. so that's nice. anyway i very minorly? documented my cab obsession. i should really put pimsleurs korean back on my ipod. i'm so used to being traumatized and above-it-all, and oh, learning being hard... and me being lazy... which as i watch my students i am reminded of yah, no, i wouldn't have done that for homework either. or studied. or done well on my language tests... except that here they really do push you on a "or else" basis... so.

i probably would've flourished in that context. especially if you knew that you'd be dragged in to an after class class where the test you bombed on was waiting for you to try try again. you'd learn something even if it was rote i feel. but back to cabs... yes cheap but it does add up after only $1 busride. i'm caught in the everpresent dilemma of my time being worth more than money... but that just gets me in to trouble.

in other news there's a stupid stain i can't get out. to which the russian curmudgon was like "take it to the dry cleaner"... as if i'm that proactive, or "grownup" or "rich"... not that it would be expensive but i might as well just throw the dress in the need to be tailored and un-/stained pile, along with the other clothes i no longer can wear... but when?

how is the time off going? and camping? oh and the phone number thing! ach. how do you dodgeit!? also the magnolia and the YA fic sounds fantastic.

i'm getting along better with my fitball. no serious accidents as of now. the only other thing going on besides baby plants sprouting- which i promised i wouldn't get, along with a cat because you know... turn around, is that i was looking at university jobs and feeling how i feel about jobs in general i think impossible- though that's literally at least 6 months from now at least. and today i was just tired- i thought i was tired tuesday but then my fatigue outdid itself with the ugh- work- UGH. @(*$&! work! days like today and i'm God please, I hope i make it. and it's not that the students were bad- i just couldn't focus or quite care that someofthem were misbehaving. if i couldve slept i would have. anyway. it also doesn't help ALL the energy of the teachers is mired in fatigue and general grumpiness. it just sucks you right under with it.

ok i've got to zone out. this was too much crazy focusing on words and staying upright stuff.
meanwhile i walked 5+miles wandering around a portion of jeju so that's something and maybe there's something on the horizon for the weekend... one can only hope.

xo, m.
ps. this was me on saturday? i think? or some such. i was trying to get a picture of the VB shirt and realized the awesome state of everything else so of course i had to capture it- like a life in my apt shot? not sure. i wear that beach dress alot- and i'm so very asian with those sandals that actually came with my apt. if i had track pants it'd be perfect or some really loud colored sneakers.

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You and the apartment look great! :)