Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pen, Enclosed please find the following recap of Sept. *hugs*

we had just fjorded a major river, come over a hill and stopped to rest. i almost died on this bike ride because i was overheating like a christmas goose. i hear they overheat. and that led me to dousing myself with copious amounts of water before we biked the last stretch home.

faux marble- i was going for general impression and not accurate- they read dirty concrete. i can't please everyone. in only 3 hours over 3 seperate days... being rushed everytime... but what am i going to do for money this month. that's the question.

danica outing...

ah, mom and her bbq'in ways.

curiouser and curiouser

perfect match

new obsession

so frickin delicious.

we wandered here from the basement of our church. whoops.

hello tea.

hello spectacular weather (we don't get a lot so we were impressed, let me tell you)


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