Sunday, April 3, 2011


Enclosed please find pictures of the month of march. Upon review it doesn't look like so terribly bad a month despite the complete lack of funds. In other news mom keeps finding 100+ snails to kill and I keep thinking where is the possum that's suppose to be eating them- And last night I had some death fever which does accuretly explain why i did not send accolades your way about the cina-kitchen. It is awesome by the way.


pen said...

it does make me feel slightly better - i mean there i was in the silence over cinnakitchen, doubting the most excellent splash of color.

it's like a deceptively lovely picture of a month. i mean the pizza and the dressing up and all other sorts of good times. but there were bad things. we don't take pictures of them.

almost anonymous said...

From this perspective, it does look like a lovely month.

almost anonymous said...

Wait, where are our pictures of the cinnakitchen? ;) (Or my pictures, since I'm the one always requesting photos.)

somebody's mom said...

Ditto today with the snails. I am finding all their good hiding spots and expect any day to have over-harvested and find none. Ha. I do wish.

I think cinnakitchen sounds like great cozy color. You can make cinnamon iced tea and serve it with a garnish of chocolate covered cherries.