Saturday, April 9, 2011

ketchup -

Ideally without HFCS. Yummy with fries. And homonymous with catchup, which is what I need to play.

- We’re tick bait here at the Lo. Co. The dogs carry them in from the woods. They lay around, transfer said ticks to the indoor world and the ticks find us. So far the count is – J.Lo (4), me (2), Bailey (1). And obviously, Revolution for los doggies is on my list for when we one day have funds again, but it won’t keep those nasty little creatures from sycophanting upon the humans. I fear Lyme’s and RockyMountainSpottedFever, but I also fear a creature making its home on my skin. Shudders.

- So I suppose I am a little territorial about my space. When you’re right you’re right. If I weren’t allergic, I’d so be a cat person. Because I get them. (And they’re cute.) But I did replace the fish tank with a smaller one. For my five survivors. The kids chose new castle/jewels décor. Kind of love, so far. But I haven’t had to clean it yet. Mwah.


- I went to an Amish Market. It’s less than half an hour away, over the NC border. I’ll always have one foot in North Carolina, I think. But I’m all right with that. Anyway, it’s a small market. And some things are good deals (coconut oil!) while others are average. There’s an ice cream counter, a deli and a book nook. I bought random things like a wooly feather duster and cinnamon-yogurt-covered pretzels, which were both sort of fabulous. And they sold Bible Bars. Granola bars made with all seven foods featured in Deuteronomy, you know. And also they sell a famous tonic. It’s a cure-all. For what, I don’t know. Will I one day find out? Most certainly.


- In my former place of residence, they’re filming The Hunger Games. And there’s going to be a Whole Foods. And – whatever. I don’t care. I mean it.

- They did send out a survey via interwebs to citizens of my current place of residence inquiring about interest in a specialized grocery store. I was all over that shit.

- I’m a slug. In regards to exercise and maintaining a physical health routine, I’m my own worst enemy. It’s decided.

- I found a doctor for the children – months and months after they were due for their annual wellchecks, but whatever. I nearly wept at this success.

- I don’t know if I actually like anything I’m reading right now, except for the grocery gardening book. We’re not doing a garden this year – except we kind of are. Can’t help ourselves, obviously.

- Acquired at MultiFlora: purple pansies, some flower/plant the deer hate, ivy (for indoors), and some creeping thing.

- Seeds to be planted: sweet peas, marigolds, mammoth sunflowers, Echinacea (?), and some other things obtained for free.

- Started: one book club. In town.

- Made, possibly: one friend. In town.

- Still: in awe.

- And: a little hope-ful.

- New beverage obsession: Tazo “Refresh” tea.

- Painted: the cinna-kitchen. Loves. Loves, loves.


- Next paint project: the dining room, in some shade of honey.

- Visited: a giant Asian food market? Also in NC. It was a former Circuit City and still looks like a Circuit City on the outside. Which is amusing. You can meet your Tilapia before eating them. As well as your lobster, your crabs, and several other fishy varieties. And there were lots of things I had no idea what to do with. Or could barely identify. But I did procure some rice noodles and other ingredients and as a first experiment made – shrimp summer rolls. With padthai. Yumm.


- Magazine deadlines: met.

- StupidPretendBloggingJob: still pretty stupid. And pretend.

- Top Chef: All-Stars finale: satisfying.

- Nigel’s hair on that weird commercial: upsetting.

- Weather: wonky. Hasn’t committed to spring.

- Dreams: too often feature bugs. All varieties.

- Still: beyond broke.

- Mood: frankly a little dicey. Volatile. Damn moon.

- Love: to you.


almost anonymous said...

Congratulations on the book club and the new friend!

You definitely have to post an update if you try the Bible bars or tonic.


somebody's mom said...

At Food 4 Less in North Hollywood, I found Hunt's ketchup without HFC!

pen said...

Yeah! That's what I've been buying, too!