Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been mirred in sickness friend. Still snarfing and snot filled. I did manage to spring clean the patio, so my energy is back up. Mom's killed 1000's of snails. I still find some after she's collected 100 or more from the morning when i clean in between the pots. As I posted on FB there's not enough salt and beer for the garden. We really need ducks. Or like I said possums. and so do you. No words really. And i've exercised maybe 5x out of the entire month. So April is turning into a real winner let me tell you.

Also currently I feel like a broken record. So anything I write a letter to you about would just be a litany of complaint. which incidentally is listed as a form of prayer by richard foster. Also i'm waiting for the mud pics to tell you about the spa. Which should've been healing and cathartic but apparently spelled for me "getting worse" instead of "getting better". You'd think 3 visits to a steam room, mineral bath and mud scrub (insert copious lounging and napping) would've gotten any bad thing out of me but alas no.

And cathy has decided to boycott emailing me multiple times a day because i don't respond multiple times a day, which granted as she said is uneven but i can't help feeling rejected somehow. Just like when i had that interview on Wednesday for that temp job and had a 40 minute conversation with the guy and most likely did not get the job. Unless they decided not to decide. But I doubt it. It's like when I had to charge my taxes and am still $40 short for the month. Rejected by God, by help, by my own good senses. I suppose in not whiny complaint categories Mortimor is getting more and more used to us. I've quilted and such. Blah whatevs.

The brother visit was a success. Eh, i just don't have the heart to be positive. I mean it's true you know and I could go into detail but eh. It's good friday. I'm much more in the mood to take a look at the fact the disciples fell asleep on Jesus, and Judas betrayed him and now the whole day is going downhill for Jesus. But if He's going to break the curse over the entirity of mankind that's the way it's suppose to go. Thank the Lord.

All right, i'm going to go do normal things like shower, and uh? stuff? I don't know. (Insert static tv screen here). No one even commented on my last lent post anyway. So whatever! No no i've got to turn it around, blessings abound. Ok, I'll leave you with this: Aimee, prayer friend came over and i was picking her a bouquet of flowers and I'd just given her a handful of peruvian lilies and she said this would be perfect for a bride of Christ, and then a hummingbird zoomed in and was testing the flowers, and she offered the bouquet to him and the hummingbird looked at her and then came in to drink from the flowers, then whizzed right in front of her flower filled shirt, and stared up at her, took another taste of her bouquet and zoomed off again. I might've cried a little. It was pretty magical.



almost anonymous said...

Nice hummingbird moment.

Andria said...

I love hummingbirds. That sounds like such a sweet magical moment!