Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh, life, pen, life

Quickly, before I lose my will.

Saturday felt completely overcome after a meeting- feeling the journey will be taxing and laborious. But there was the sweetvalleyhigh board game and party. We read excerpts, gave each other carebear tattoos and kerry made GF pizza. I suppose in light of that, Saturday evened out. LaCats dad died though so I don't know. Yesterday I rubbed jalepeno pepper into my left eye (still twitching by the way), and on the boulevard slipped on something and went down on my left knee. Marring my fidji shoes. The burning subsided sometime later and my knee remained slightly swollen. I'm on patch 7 of 57 for my quilt. That fact oddly does not cause me sadness. Somehow fighting to do it how i instinctually wanted to do it was satisfying. But my throat tickles and i'm pretty sure a certain family gave me something. Repayment for being around them or sympathetic suffering. I'm uncertain. But pause to clear throat. Figuring fatigue levels.

I find the tick situation completely horrifying. Once when I went off trail one got on me somewhere and I was at borders (the hollywood one is closing which  total sadness more job people flooding the market) around 6am and noticed it latched onto my arm. It was completely traumatizing. Granted it was mostly smooshed already but still. Shudder. Can you get geese? I mean seriously. Something must be done. I don't know but now i fear for your safety. I am glad about your fish and tank though. It has to be akin to basket weaving or some monastic duty you will find Jesus in I am certain. I hope the Bible bars are tasty. I would want them to be. If ever i have funds to visit we must go get them along with the cure all tonic. Because why not- withmy arthritic elbows, constant weight why not. I'm sure it will solve all my nagging problems (toe fungus). And we'll get you a hairless cat and you can crochet it sweater vests.

I'm trying to think in light of your new adventures if i have any to share besides a possible cold. Or any new loves to tell. Jealous of your asian market and your cinna walls. Change is elusive so far but that we've filled 2 bags for giveaway. That makes me feel pretty good. I'm almost done with the tragic hans. Who has been in a sanitorium for near 7 years. So new fiction novel on my horizon. Maybe GF cinnammon bread. Maybe visiting with the nice temp agent by wednesday. I hope Hans escapes. I wonder if i'll escape. Parents are painting their house. things are getting CLOSE. but not too close. I mean if dad is bent on building his own cabinets. It's hard to say. But soon sewer connection, all the plates on the wall/fixtures... then flooring, then landscaping. That's it. Close but far enough. Today i'm going to shower. I know major accomplishment. Then go pray. Then play borderlands. Where I will try to save enough strength to then go shopping with mom for food.

Why is life such a pickle sometimes? I would be impovirshed in life if I didnt have you as a friend. I'll have to hold onto that as we count our assets even in these lean and somewhat harrowing times.

my love,


almost anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope your eye and knee are feeling better! We need to go for a walk/hike and you'll be using both :)

Daniel Bruckner said...

I must say, this blog post isn't entirely self-contained. If one were to have stepped away from the blogging world for a while, let's say months, and then return to read this...well, how could I make sense of your words :) Fragmented ramblings about this and that. The same sort of strategy employed by Charles Manson on the witness stand. Or Gary Busey every day.

Perhaps every one of your finely-crafted words make perfect sense :) After all, I am the neglectful one. I am the fool went to the bathroom during the movie, only to come back thirty minutes later wondering why he's ill-equipped to follow the storyline (thirty minutes is a lot of time to spend in the bathroom, but it happens. Am I right people????)

I'm glad you showered yesterday. I find that's always a step in the right direction (not that I do it with any sort of regularity).

Watch after that knee. I've found they're important.

Andria said...

apparently there were some issues in the bathroom that kept many of us retained for an extraordinary amount of time. agreed, we all need to improve our bowel health so as not to miss so much in life!