Wednesday, July 10, 2013

well good morning

I do so love being told off to start my day. Not everyone associates Ouija playing with demons, firstly, and my comment was merely to say that I, personally, don't feel grounded enough within listening prayer to practice it myself. I feel like I, personally, am playing a game rather than connecting to it. I did not intend for this comment to incite a complete spiral into hurt and disrespected descent. Let me clarify that I respect your level of faith and the way you practice it, I appreciated deeply your opening that door and your ministry through you and the others you asked to listen-pray on my behalf. I in no way meant to trivialize your practice. Or convey anything less than what 13 years of your friendship means to me. I meant a plain and simple, I can't right now. Just me. 

that's all for now.


m said...

i don't know what time of day would be good really. i'm waking up to your letter?

intent doesn't save me from hurt feelings. you just saying i can't be a part of this right now- still-hurts my feelings. or when you say you feel like you're playing a game no matter what kind of game (still feels like i've failed somehow in sharing it with you and that just simply hurts too. it's still rejection. at the end of the day the little pelican in me is asking you to play with her and you're saying no. )what's to be done about it? that's life. but there's no sparring of pain or likewise affection. your respect of me and my journey and mine for yours doesnt discount the heart and what yes and no does to people.

pen said...

well i am in the business of crushing souls, as the children can attest, so i guess i'll consider this yet another success.

m said...


bruckner said...

ohhhhh snap! Real, genuine drama. To think I was just getting on here to skim for my name again. I can't wait to dig down to the roots of this! [Must put on a pot of coffee first!!!]

bruckner said...

all right. I've come full circle. I've read your statements. And I've looked up Listening Prayer, which from what I ran my eyes across seems like a very, very deep religious practice (and I'm completely enthralled by it!).

Now I'm actually one of those people who does associate Ouija with deceiving spirits...except when it comes to metaphor. While I don't know exactly what penelope was wishing to express, I can go by the way it read to me. To me, she isn't saying Listening Prayer is a game or some sort of demon roulette, but rather that she just can't fully wrap her head around how it works.

Perhaps a better comparison could have been made, but, to me, at least, pen's words didn't read as an attack on your beliefs which you understandably feel vulnerable in sharing (and eager to protect!).

AS fun as it is to witness a great conflict, I can't say that I stand for you two being at odds with one another. Especially over a matter of semantics. Now kiss and make up :)