Monday, July 29, 2013

making the starbucks is a genius blog-name

Hello old-same,

#firstworldproblems: So I've also been behind on blogging LoCo and yesterday said, Today is the Day, Going to Get it Done, but then ran into all sorts of technological roadblocks that are making me bitter. Like why does it have to be so hard, considering how "easy" it's all become. Or probably I'm making it too complicated, but ALL I WANT TO DO is a) upload photos b) arrange them in the order I want and c) caption them adequately, so as to tell enough of the story. And yet. Five hours later and I've gotten nowhere with Wordpress and its crapola setup. I could blame this all on my geriatrically slow PC, but even then, I'm finding the whole platform inadequate, and Blogger's hardly better.

But it also could be my impatient/restless/slightly bitchy about everything mood.

Which will pass in a few days or so.

They're cutting down more trees up the street, which is going to change my landscape again. DareIsay ruin the view, again, but obviously I'll eventually get used to it. I just hope that in fact our property line does extend into the trees, because whoever the tree-chopper is, they seem reckless and voracious and hellbent on total destruction. I suppose it makes them a lot of money. Or actually, this tree-chopper up the street may be completely different than the other neighborhood tree-chopper, who is in it solely for the wood-money, whereas this person could just be clearing land to build another home. Because they're aren't like 10 for sale already? There are. Ugh. People.

The fish tank and I came to a head in our long-standing passive aggressive battle yesterday, wherein I've failed to periodically clear its filter buildup and also may have scooted it too close to the wall or something, because it looked like it was sticking out too far, randomly, and the thing leaked onto the wall and onto some books and well, now I'll really have to paint the living room in the fall, if it weren't already on the list. And I put the books out to dry in the sun, and then forgot to bring them in when it started raining. "Carrie" has taken the worst hit, and all three are mass media paperbacks that are highly accessible at used book sales, so I'm not overly sad about it, but still. D'oh. Duh. It's like when I took some ibuprofen from the bottle this weekend and apparently failed to replace the top and inadvertently booby-trapped the thing for the next person, who spilled hundreds of pills everywhere. And I have no recollection of doing that, whatsoever. But it doesn't seem out of line with my recently very flaky character. And I haven't been particularly offended by this personal shortcoming, either, is the funny thing. I'm like - oh, I did that? Hum. Really? it does sound right... oops. I'm sorry, J.Lo. Shrug! And then I just move on to forgetting the next thing.

The west coast succulents all seem happy in their various new containers, but it's only been two days and who knows. However, I will say the succulents in the Easter Garden thrived the most, possibly on neglect. Although some magical person has been taking care of it regularly - but low light and little water and indoor living, they seem to love. And generally, less attention.

I've had a few weird recent dreams, surely media inspired, as Orange is the New Black - which is yes, occasionally uplifting but also raw and funny and dark and light - and its intense prison narrative seemed to have led to a scene in the Chicago dorms lobby, wherein a resident argued with the security desk, and the disagreement culminated in a microwave cooked roast being flung while the resident screamed. I have no idea. And then the escape from Pakistan dream, but clearly that was influenced by watching Argo, which was Iran, but still.

Today so far has been: Kindergarten screening for N.Lo, who wore his new red sneakers and "did AWESOME," in his own words. And the rest of the day holds: catchup to you and Cath on our book and our notes, more notes on my Giant Book of Parameters, some cleanup here and there, possibly some handbells (or maybe I'll just skip and go Wednesday), some pondering of life and taking in the delightful breeze. And a pie. Maybe it's time to make PIE.



Somebody's mom said...

I'm delighted.
A post on the blog!
West coast succulents happy! That scented one is a plectranthus...related, but oh so different from creeping Charlie from the seventies. (less water is definitely better than more)

I have a place to hang my stuff even if I don't have drawers in the closet yet. Someday.

pen said...

I adore the scented one!

Two days after my Pakistan dream, I got a friend request from this guy. No idea. But location - coincidence?!