Saturday, May 4, 2013

i adore the green

The puppy lives. She laid around like a lump yesterday - what did they do to me? - and today she is back in action with her puppy jazz paws and incessant licking of Bender's overjoyed face. By overjoyed I mean snarling, obviously. But then there's this sheet that says, keep puppy calm and relatively inactive for a week while she heals. Mm-hmm.

J.Lo called the principal again and allegedly K.Lo's assigned bus seat will be changed. Right. So maybe no car riding for the rest of the year and beyond? We'll see. Slacker school and their ineffectual lice takedown.

I have a long to-do list this weekend and my brain can't hold any of it. I mean obviously I'll write it down. But my brain is too full to do any accomplishing. This includes our assignment, and two freelance articles, and finishing the babyshower invitations and mailing them, and some other crap I've forgotten already. See? Effing hormones. Debilitating!

And reading. I haven't read from an actual book in, like, two weeks.
And yoga. I feel like some of these circulatory issues would be helped by picking up yoga again. Right?

This morning is t-ball, preceded by the farmer's market, where apparently CSA veggies await us. I love the randomness. Don't pick up for two weeks - except wait, come by the farmer's market, I have stuff for you! Love the farmer.

Except a few hours later - I'm back from the game and the market - the farmer didn't recognize me? Which is fine, he's only met me twice and not in the context of the busy market. But then even after hearing the name, he was like, oh yeah - that's Penelope. And then proceeded to pack a bag with everything Penelope likes, but as though Penelope wasn't there. I was instead the Penelope Produce Ambassador? It was so weird! And I was too confused to correct him? Agggh. WhatEVer. I'm blaming the whole scene on hormones, too. And will attempt not to let it taint my bokchoysoup.

I did take some pictures on my solitary walk from the market to the ball field. Which was chilly. But filled with fantastic things like green, non-ProRunPatricia trees, baby ducklings and hissing geese. Who doesn't love hissing geese...

I'll be needing to hear more about the birthday tea, thanks in advance!

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almost anonymous said...

The green is pretty!

So now some other poor sap, er, parent has to deal with their kid getting lice once a month? Ugh. What a great bureaucratic non-solution to the situation. But yay for you, hopefully.