Sunday, May 26, 2013

hello love,

It's Sunday and the weather is perfect. I mean PERFECT. It's also one of those ridiculous flipping-tired days with no explanation, but I'm rolling with it? We're making a set of wind chimes out of leftover keys, a la Pinterest. I love it already. I mean, look how many extra keys we've accumulated over the years. No idea what they unlock.

Also, I'm having a glass of wine. Bread is baking in the oven, Italian-style, a la Pinterest too. K.Lo helped put everything in the mixer and for nine minutes we watched the dough hook go round and round.

The deck, as per last week's FB post, is completely rearranged furniture-wise, and I like it. There's all this floor space in the middle, and the red table is squirreled away in a corner, where I'm writing now. The seed-starters are on the table out of puppy's reach. And I can quasi-hide. It's a reincarnation of always choosing a sit in the back of the class.

Guess who gave me this awesome rose - hag neighbor. I mean. There was obviously a price; I had to listen to a string of Life Complaints I Hope to Never Make. But it was nice? It's a lovely rose.

I love the image of your painted floor - a picture please - and the walls and all the other transformations. I need pictorial evidence of what is happening over there! What is filling your days.

And Bruckner's POV makes me laugh - I've conditioned myself over the many years to automatically cringe at overt God-talk. I do wonder. Because for me in my quieter ways I'm inclined to show rather than tell people what I value? But I witness you on your sage-path, amazed. But then, my husband the secular-humanist. I have my foot in both worlds, and I understand each side.

Tonight: fish tacos, twilight 4: part 2 (finally!), more painting of keys. Tomorrow: some uber-inexpensive babyback ribs from Aldi and an evening bonfire, I hope! And Arrested Dev in there, somewhere.

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bruckner said...

It's not so much that it's cringe-worthy for me. It just that there's a disconnect, like the way a husband or wife feels when their partner wishes to discuss something like their day or their favorite sports team or something else that you don't really want to hear about but you listen anyway because you know it means so much to them.