Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This morning while I was driving N to preschool, the two dogs that live up the road got a crazy look in their eyes and charged my car. One thumped headlong into the side of the car and the other bumped against the front. What the hiz! I had a little adrenaline rush and honked the horn and cursed while N laughed his head off at the “crazy dogs.” I mean honestly. The dog that thumped into the side is probably off the in the woods somewhere dying a slow death because I haven’t seen him since. The other one is fine. Actually, I’m sure they are both fine, as they’ve done it before to J.Lo and who knows how many other cars. But which came first, the chicken or the brain damage? One must ask himself.

And don’t even get me started on the owner. They are friendly dogs, that’s not the problem. They even stay in the yard most of the time. But clearly, not all of the time. And it’s one thing to follow a walker halfway down the road (which they’ve also done, rather sweetly). But it’s entirely another to charge a moving vehicle for kicks.

Also, on my walk this morning, a part-Chow mix that I never knew existed three houses down bolted out into the yard, barking at me menacingly. And then I decided to be adventurous and go down The Road No Vehicle Ever Travels Down, and lo and behold there was a truck on the road. And a dog chasing the truck. And then the dog started chasing me.

I’m having a Bad Dog Day and feel like it must be some kind of omen, but don’t know what it could be.

What is the nomination for at church and what happens with it once you go to Korea? And you’ll be an awesome teacher! What! Obviously.

I’m so excited for TV over the next few days I can’t barely stand it. Although I ponder Netflix’s decision to not update its Parks & Rec selection to include Season 3. Because duh, I’d like to see it again. Who doesn’t need more Rob Lowe and Adam Scott in in their lives, I ask you. Like I have time to watch it anyway. But just knowing that it’s there…

And of course it’s a bad week for technology. The whole “w” scandal with qwikster and the gross overload of information now available on Facebook. Kill me. My brain just can’t handle it all.

love to you,


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