Monday, September 19, 2011

the fake backdrop of my life

I did mention earlier there’s a lake up the street from our house. I sort of gave up on the idea though. Since there’s a no parking sign out front. And a ridiculous hand-painted sign that says, “You need a key.” Which is exactly what my teenage neighbor said to me when I mentioned the closed-off lake. "Oh, you need a key.” What. What key! I hate the cryptic holding of information. Like what are you, the Wizard of Fucking Oz? Anyway, although there’s a no parking sign and a you-need-a-key sign, there is no actual sign that says you can’t hop the fence. So N.Lo and I parked the wagon, which luckily wasn’t towed, and climbed over/under the wire that I can barely take seriously to check out the lake.

There’s a paved parking lot that is seriously overgrown and a spray-painted swastika on the pavement for which I have no words. But there is a lake! It exists! No really it does. I did not paint this scene on a scrim.



mendacious said...

you should petition to have the lake reopened. make that your cause. slowly you and nlo removing the wire and posts bit by bit. weeding. removing the swastika... making it your lake. a keyless free lake. something not made up and clearly shot in front of a backdrop ;)

pen said...

that would be super awesome. i'm pretty sure it was closed because it was a huge liability for someone. must figure out who really owns it.

erin j said...

There used to be a lake I frequented when I was young.... Stone's Lake... cause it was owned by the Stone Family... but after great grandpa died, and then grandpa died, and then dad died, the kids shut it off to the public. Perhaps something like this happened here too? I was sad to learn of the closing of Stone's lake, but I guess I get it. Everyone is so lawsuit happy... and it was a damned lake, and I was always scared of falling over the damn... but still it was fun to play in and there was a HUGE slide (that might not really be that huge now...) Alas.
And what is a scrim?

somebody's mom said...

a scrim can be a painted (or unpainted) backdrop for theater.

Pen, the clouds look too perfect, I'm pretty sure it is a scrim.

pen said...

the clouds were to die for! it was hard to capture with a cell pic, but it was a mix of grays over the whole sky with a little bit of sun.

eej, scrim is a word that m taught me on my visit to the hollywood back lots. basically a painted backdrop used on film. so it looks like you're there but you're really not. :)