Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ive had a pretty full weekend. Made some curtains, tacked up the awesome goldones. They rock, i'm not going to lie... worth every penny. Now if i can make my comforter look less like crap i'm golden. Because they're a hot conflicting mess considering the radtastic decor of my apt. A foldaway couch chair concoction would bring this place to perfection. But otherwise I'm pretty happy. Duvet cover purchase seems extravagent since they dont have them here, but i wonder how long i'll be able to take the illmatching bedding? Maybe a mom project- sewing sheets together? I dont know. I did buy a made in korea frying pan bcs the other one was shit and i just couldn't tolerate stuck egg on the pan and in the sink anymore. It's enough the cats in heat right? Fuck. Also i realized today that if i only stay a year, and well even if i stayed two- the cat couldn't fly back with me when the contract is over- I think they have a time limit animals can be in cabins and then it has to go as cargo... and only when temperature permits, i'm pretty sure. (equals not in the dead of winter) We'll see. It's possible i can get someone to fly into LA to do a little handover. But I dont know. I'm curious now to see.

Otherwise the mongolian horseriding show stressed me out. It was all too much bus and quiet and movement with loud, dark and the animals and the contortionist kid types-- i really hate circuses. The whole thing. I dont know. I was that person. I hate being that person. And i was just thinking, crap, it's too much. Anyway went grocery shopping. Failed to get cat food. Sorry cat, tuna for you. Had McD's even though i can feel my stomach going- good god woman what are you doing to me. Then the going to the middle of nowhere for the random horsething. Then dinner and evening in. Followed by church, a random old dude at the folkart museum, who was awe-some. Then beach lovely complete with old guy who let us see his shell collection. And carved animals. I may have to go back. Good dinner, hang curtains and scene. Seriously so nice.

The cat is storing up energy i can tell to torment me in the middle of the night like she did around 430 last night. As well as these random loudspeaker torture devices that went off around 8am and carried on intermittently well past 9am... of a woman singing in korean of course... out of nowhere and obviously without explanation. Joy.

Besides i'm trying to live presently and not dread school.  One class has a candy ban because they were stealing my candy. Greed over took a couple of them and then just lying to me and disappointed in humanity phase, not to mention the little shits i teach privately at the end of the day, i mean kids who need God's love, saying teacher, book no, game yes. And the boy at the end, rather brilliantly saying, teacher, english---- ANGRY. As he grows horns with his fingers. It was a moment. I sympathized. The whole thing. And then i think, i have to try right? But then do i? Where's the line. I get it kid. I get IT. Sigh. ANyway i need to go bcs all of agathachristie missmarple just downloaded and i have to go watch an episode before bed.

Love you,
(ps look out for pics of me and an old dude who insisted i pose next to the male models . loved. and wondered why we werent with boys.)


pen said...

only m, dropping in a phrase like "mongolian horseshow" or "contortionist kidtypes" and continuing on as though it weren't something WHA-? completely bizarre. i feel your stress. i saw some pictures! but i need to see these magnificent curtains. and oh the children and their greed and anger and sloth. i feel an art series emerging. sketches perhaps.

almost anonymous said...

What? Where is the picture? :)

Keep in mind that your ward may have to be quarantined upon arriving stateside as well. My relatives' dogs did when they moved back from England.