Sunday, April 29, 2012

um, ok... sorry man.

i feel like there are deep spiritual metaphors in my dish soap purchases. do i need to expound or is the correlation obvious? i didn't even do it on purpose but it's my entire journey.
 oh also here- look at me go... curtains, making giraffes. i can't be stopped.
i love you man.
and if i weren't really distracted from a disturbing 30r/ck and being super tired and talked out from 2 weekends of deep chitter chatter and taking too many taxis back and forth on the island i'd say more. i'm at the point where i'm like what $10? worthIT along with my $4 lattes. i've gone mad with moneypower. and an hour reduced to 20minutes. once i decide to download some audible i'll go back to normal but right now i'm overwhelmed with the download potential and tanning. and starting listening groups and turning in assessments. ive promised i have to turn 2 of them by the morning and finish the rest tomorrow night for their tuesday due date. nevermind the other one i didn't create the template for. oh and i found out today how much weight i lost. 40lbs in 3 1/2 months. what the what?! who knows- next more postcards, cats getting spayed... maybe even a phone purchase! look out world! oh and yes, i got sunglasses. photoshoot forthcoming. allright i'm going to try and stay conscious for another hour at least- i dont even want to talk about staying up till 11 lastnight and then the skype date falling through- i was drooping down tired. tonight i make up for it.

adieu my love,
will write more anon- also questions... would... help... so i can talk more about "here" wherever it is.


pen said...

40 lbs and money power! what!

i'll think of some questions. heart you.

almost anonymous said...


somebody's mom said...

Such a happy chatty post! Love the giraffe and the news.

Bruckner said...

You were in my dream last night. Just thought you should know.

m said...