Thursday, April 12, 2012

4 u

for you i stay up past my bedtime bc it is pre-camping day and by the time i get back Easter week and its recounting will be all but gone. and we can't have that. so some images, all out of order as per usual. it's spring break. we went to a museum with mom. i painted. i ate and drank things. the children played. i read. i missed you. i was hormonal. we're going to the park with the fairystones - it's very good luck to find them. love to you on your island! pls update anon. 


colin firth in the original fever pitch
#netflixstreaming #amazingdiscoveries
daisies, for K.Lo from Grandma
huge scary bug
with a HORN
sideways waterfall
the dovekeepers ~
add it to your list
distant bears
a homemade stuffed burger
w/ mushrooms and swiss
if i drink the word...
new/used plasma cars
purchased from a friend
k.lo's room: purple with
pink/brown polka dots, and butterflies;
pictures do not really do justice
box turtle
4-leaf clover found by Mom 


pen said...

lord. apologies for the hurried tone. i heart you! i want to hear of your world soon. including easter, which i totally forgot to post about.

m said...

gah i know right. like ... what-evs. but you were like up so late and um stuff... ? but yah... words... hum... i support pictures though so i get-it. i will come up with some of my own tomorrow...

pen said...

and then the battery was dying and mere seconds after i posted the internet went out. so let's consider this post nothing short of miraculous...