Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i broke, i caved -

I couldn’t grow out my hair anymore. After 6 months, I was suddenly done. It might have been impatience with the process, or the heat of summer, or serious doubts about the long-projected end product. Or a combination of all 3. So I got a haircut.

Except as mentioned previously, I don’t have a hair person here. And good hair people are not only hard to come by (and $$$), but once you find a good hair person, you have to build up enough trust for short hair. Because you can’t eff around with short hair. I know. I’ve been there. Once upon a time, I was haircut-scarred for life.

So I sort of cut it myself?

Um… I really have no explanations.  The back is perhaps a bit choppy and still not as short as I want. But. Considering how badly it could have ended? I ain’t complainin’.



Ignore that wayward hair.


I feel slightly badass, I admit.



penelope scissor-wielder


somebody's mom said...

Nothing whimpy about doing that and it looks terrific.

mendacious said...

i am enjoying the photo uppage also.

almost anonymous said...

Wow! Looks great. If I cut my own hair...*shudder* Let's just say it wouldn't look so fabulous.