Wednesday, June 8, 2011

funny you should say -

“let us both be comfortable wading in the tide for now. the sea is warm and calm and not too deep. maybe we'll float. and watch the clouds and see faces in them.”

Because in church this past Sunday – the non-boring class part, not the abnormally boring service part – we discussed a bit what motivates us every day, to get up and get going, which segued into a mention of our gifts. The two other people in class (summer and pre-summer Sundays do not apparently draw much of a crowd) were lucky enough to have not only recognized their gifts in their lives but channeled them into a practical occupation. And I, of course, have not. But said the idea of my gifts motivates me in life and in prayer; I just haven’t hit on that sure path, haven’t encountered the intersection of where gifts and practical purpose meet.

I thought of you too while I was saying and thinking all of this, because of course we’re sailing along in that boat together. Or paddling along in tandem on surfboards, as the case may be: the pastor brought up the metaphor of water and waiting for that perfect wave. How every now and then you might catch a wave, ride it for awhile, then it fizzles out. And repeat. And repeat. Until that perfect wave comes along and that’s the one you ride for a long while, sure and steady and soaring.

We’ve ridden some waves. They’ve fizzled. We’re waiting for the perfect one. And our faith says someday it’s going to come along.

In the meantime, friend – I’m with you; let’s wade.


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