Friday, January 10, 2014


One of the interesting things about canceling cable besides the typical hard sell that almost gets you- the you can suspend it for 9 months, you can have two months to decide if you do cancel it and undo it, and here's a mailer about all the savings you could have if you came back, and here's a follow up call from an account manager talking it through just in case you weren't sure, or somehow misheard how great a deal they were going to offer you, or if you were really upset and how could he make it better...

HOLY CRAP they are the devil. I mean $70! a month of course down to 24.99 for 2 years... And yes there are lower packages but for what purpose. They really do have guys by a vice however- with the how will I live without sports- oh I don't know- go to a bar! or the news- I don't know - go online! Yes spend money on time wasting. By all means. Who knew I would turn against it. Someone suggested I even cancel Netflix. I'm not quite there yet... but close.

However, in between my tv working with Netflix and no internet downstairs, I turned the tv on out of habit and like a true Christmas miracle there were just a few channels remaining... enough to get me through to the New Year. And the only channel showing much of anything was the Hallmark Channel. I have never seen so many- as I prefer lifetime movies- but there was the Christmas Dance, Christmas Song, Hats off to Christmas, Help for the Holidays, Christmas Spirit, and a Princess for Christmas... I watched all of them. I can't say quite beginning to end but close- but what I learned was that with a little can-do attitude, compromise, and moral certainty I will find the love of my life, my dreams will come true, and I'll live happily ever after... oh and miracles do come true. They really do.

Watching all of that is probably why I got sick again right around the 1st anyway. My submental node swollen. Still actually there. I looked back to my last letter and it seems I was sick before that. The slip was somewhere right before.

But anyway I have more to say about everything but lets leave that till tomorrow. Including pondering which movie I most related to, which one was my favorite... you know the important stuff.

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