Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well how goes?

The hot weather came back and i'm fighting the inevitable flipflop farmer tan. The only place i'd put 70. because seriously that's the only place that needs it- perhaps the proximity to the baking asphalt. Me thinks. And all this out and aboutness. Oh touring LA.

Operation jejusarah visiting is going pretty well. It would be better if she were more opinionated on what to do because it's too easy if she doesn't care to not do anything at all- so why bother. Or rather force us to do things we could and should do for their LAness. Like museums with entrance fees or exhibits or soundofmusicsingalongs. We could be home playing gears of war or painting trim. And of course NO I haven't finished Yeasl's necklace. Rats. And no I don't have enough money for my bills this month- again. Will have to in next letter to relate what we did do- with perhaps a note about each.

We did have a 1/2 expected but not all day expected Law Day yesterday- which included tours of USC law and UCLA law- would not have thought but usc won due to its small village type feel. And though typically ucla had more of an abundance resource feel it still felt a little too systematic and large. We did sit through a Tort class at ucla which I found fascinating. Ultimately I find trying to interpret the language fun, like "detrimental reliance" (meaning when A party takes action for or toward B party and bad things happen to B as a result of A's action) and all the ways in which ficence is used in determining detrimental reliance - maleficence being the most popular but in tort class there is non-ficence, mis-ficence... and just ficence in general. So to litigation you can predict outcomes and similarities- surface/non-surface- and WHY but no one is pointing out that the idiot who tracked water in should be held libel for x person falling because he was being a thoughtless bastard but whether or not his relationship with the hotel and the situation obligates him...

Now I say fun, but like philosophy and psychology- you start boundaring your existence and your context using those words because we need to define things- and suddenly you find yourself in a very tight box. And you use that box like weapons, and its all how well you use those weapons to prove your argument and nothing whatever to do with truth- it is nice to know there are a myriad of things you can do with law and that THE GOOD is out there somewhere but while I had been feeling more like i'd made some fundamental mistake in my thinking, torts class brought it back to me- the guys who jack-knifed their trucks to avoid iceskidding over a cliff, who set flares but not in the right place, made a mistake but no, shouldn't be held responsible for the dude flying into them in his car. Or my favorite- P (plantiff) has come over to visit D (the defendant) and the cat is a titch aggressive. So P asks D to put the cat away. D ignores or does not comply- I think there was a stated promise though- and P is subsequently SCRATCHED. OH NO! So P assumes the cat must be rabid and goes to get a rabies shot- and SUES D for damages because they had a bad reaction. Nevermind that scratches are not typical transmitters of rabies but BITES are. Of course we're not arguing that. We're arguing what sort of ficence D should be held to. And if P made a reasonable attempt to help himself- he didn't call to get the cat impounded... blah blah. Bob Loblaw.

Anyway. Needless to say we didn't make it to the beach. We did however make it to happyhour sushi (philly rolls in my case) and tempura... SJT had some excellent spicy tuna rolls- may have a new fave and of course because lately I've been obsessed with mcds chocolate dipped cones but sjt wanted a change- we opted for chocolate dipped bananas. Good times.

We even watched Sleepy Hallow. Hmm. Is all I can say. Like almost possibly but then I don't know. Will try to get to God for Bruckner later. I will say both him and AA were asked after- like wait why couldn't they come? Why won't they come visit me? I mean props to my former boss for really making something awesome over the program- ipads, movie clips! photos! to access for tours... we did not however run into anyone from glee or drphil. and there's an actual relationship btw the pages and HR. and hiring. whaaat. Anyway- oh right ProRun--- well. I mean.. seriously. Kate should've won. And can we get rid of Ken already? I forget what the last one was about now-- but well anyway.

I have to go- we're going to persevere despite utter reluctance and irritability.



almost anonymous said...

Hooray if there are better connections with pages and HR!

I'll have to stop by. Usually I'm running in and running out, or figuring that by the time I'm finished on a Friday why would anyone still be there if they didn't have to. (The time I stopped by to say hello to not Jejusarah's roommate, he wasn't there.)

Daniel Bruckner said...

I've often thought about giving up on life and just becoming a wanderer (and dont think if such a lifestyle would ever become finacially feasible to me that I won't jump right on it) . Anyway, if/when i do become a directionless soul one of the things I plan to do is wander into a lot of college classes. So I'm thrilled to read about your semi-adventure. I won't say it was a full on adventure since you and your foreign friend didn't ask a couple of college boys to help you study. Shouldn't this have been the whole goal of your outting?

As far as the God stuff, well, get to it at your convenience. I've finished my masterpiece. No more need to plagiarize your ramblings.