Thursday, November 4, 2004

dear Mr. Smithee,

oh, you do amuse. but let me make it clear, since i do admit my grammatics (is that a word?) may have been off in the recent post: NOT CANADA. not going to Canada. not researching Canada--at least not for relocation purposes. as i've mentioned before, they do film Degrassi: The Next Generation there, and that of course allots some points.

as i recall from certain Dramatics in 2000 when living in Chicago, some might pretend they would move to Canada based on certain election outcomes. some of those Possible Defectors, tsk tsk, whether or not they jested. i rolled my eyes then, and despite being a little more caught up in the politics this time around, i ultimately roll my eyes again. NO CANADA.

i am, i continue forevermore, as Penelope The Observer.

consistently endeared and entertained by Mr. Smithee

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