Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long time,

strangely enough this is now a lost blog. It was called "In the Void" so I suppose now appropriate that it's lost. But it wouldn't publish it and I tried and then something I thought was good wasn't and so then there it went. Probably the narrative is better for it. I'll list what I can in no particular order.

What is God saying to you in the dark places?
What is, what are the answers ?
I can't help but ask.
And to not have them. We keep going. We keep.
Ancient animals = bender, marley
10 years since becoming a page- am going to visit the lot with visitor sarah from Jeju. Think a page reunion is totally in order. Am excited to wander around the lot..
My preschool BF found me. Last contact pre-FB was 8th grade. Eating spaghetti. She'd had her wisdom teeth out. I'm going to give her the colonial grandmother clock I can't come to peace with. Not going to hold onto it because it's worth something. Bondage to all manner of things. This imaginary worth. Which led me to say hello to Brenda who gave me the clock in the first place who didn't want it as I don't want it- something about it- we say automatically we don't have the room for it.
What else- 2 necklaces finished, painting finished.
Mom moved out and the room floor needs to be done.
Chipping up asphalt to make way for plants
Curtain rods
Toast and only 1 egg. Why 2? Try 1.
Walking around the block victory.
Fasting after 630- as we thirst and hunger for righteousness- August.
1/2 way through parade's end
2 chapters shy of finishing the Meaning of Marriage
Good good conversations have abounded because
Roving conflicts with losangeles cats, coming together again
2 new dresses. Rather adult in their dark colors.

And now the day awaits.


bruckner said...

Has it been ten years? I don't believe you.

I wouldn't attend a reunion. It is shameful how little I've accomplished since then.

m said...

well we can gather around our mutual unsuccesses and toast to them. or find out who's really done what they set out to do/struck gold/get hit by lightening/win the lotto to make ourselves feel bad or climb up into the Hollywood hills and make a ritualistic sacrifice... so many choices about what a reunion could look like- wearing all black, blood pacts, time capsules, poetry, secret society promises...

bruckner said...

While there are indeed some intriguing possibilities as to how such a gathering could be held, it would still have to be done so without me. I have many fond memories of being a page, some of my fondest, but there is no way I would attend at this time. I must remain underground, far underground. Like Edmund Dantes.

m said...